Oberlin Arts & Humanities Commission

Oberlin, Kansas

Developing a sense of community, heritage and vision through artistic and cultural resources.

Volunteer Opportunities

Seven members serve on the Commission plus a Program Director and a Secretary who serve without voting.  One member is selected by the City Council and another by the County Commissioners.  The members serve at events by selling tickets, handing out programs and helping serve refreshments for events with a reception.  There are 5 general meetings per year.  

Commission members include: 

  • Mary Henzel, Program Director  785-470-0218

  • Tom Mullen, Secretary  785-470-0077

  • Joanne Wendelin  785-475-4333

  • Ladd Wendelin  785-470-1859

  • Mirla Coleman  785-475-3763

  • Teresa Shaughnessy  785-475-3032

  • Sarah Orr  620-615-2318

  • Janice Shobe  785-475-8571

  • Susan Nelson  785-475-4015